Low-Light's sister is targeted by a Cobra scheme to steal beauty.



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Notable quotes

"Oh no, Zartan. The transference machine is far more important than mere family ties."

Dr. Mindbender displaying classic Cobra family values.

"Look, Joes don't bargain with Cobra."
"This time you must. Your sister and mine are in great danger."

Low-Light and Zartan finding common ground.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • In the scene where Low-Light is reading the invitation, his sister's name is spelled Oona.

Continuity errors

  • Satin's hair color has changed since her previous appearance.

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The other kidnapped celebrities (Candy Huntley, Sherry Eastman, Tara Dawset, and Carol Leagues) are references to 1980s celebrities (Christie Brinkley , Sheena Easton, Farah Fawcett, and Cheryl Tiegs).
  • Lady Jaye and Cover Girl are never shown with their normal appearances, only in disguise.


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