Griffin Bacal, Inc. is (was?) a New York City-based advertising agency which played a major part in the development of the A Real American Hero series.


Griffin Bacal was founded in 1978 by Tom Griffin and Joe Bacal, who had previously worked together at Benton and Bowles. One of their first clients was Hasbro, whom they had previously served while working for Benton and Bowles. Hasbro employed their services for coming up with advertising campaigns for several of their toylines. Together with Marvel Comics, Griffin Bacal retooled G.I. Joe into its 1980s incarnation, "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero." Following that, Griffin Bacal participated in the development of Hasbro's My Little Pony and Transformers series.

Hasbro and Griffin Bacal asked Marvel to flesh out the Joe backstory, to give the characters names and personalities and develop a comic series and an animated television show. The cartoon was produced by Marvel and Sunbow Productions, the latter of which was owned by Griffin Bacal.

In 1994, Griffin Bacal was bought by former competitor DDB Worldwide, but still continued to serve Hasbro. Hasbro eventually stopped employing their services in 2000,[1] resulting in Griffin Bacal laying off two thirds of their employees.[2] Following this and the retirement of Tom Griffin and Joe Bacal, DDB's parent company Omnicom merged Griffin Bacal with Moss Dragoti in 2001.[3]

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