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Gristle is a Cobra/Headhunter character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero continuity

Devil's Due Comics continuity
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Animated continuity

DiC animated series

Voice actor: Garry Chalk

Gristle as depicted in the DiC animated series.

Serving under observation by the Headman, Gristle and the Headhunters handed out small bags of drugs to needy clients in a dilapidated section of town. One client in particular, a young woman named Cindi, begged him for more drugs as 'the old stuff' wasn't enough for her. Gristle was unmoved by Cindi's plight, and gave her the option of either buying or not.

Overhearing their conversation, the Headman walked over and suggested he introduce her to a new product called "Spark," which Gristle accepted with the guarantee that Cindi never had anything like it before.

During the combined G.I. Joe/Cobra assault on the intercity distribution house, Gristle sent a video report to the Headman at his desert factory. Realizing the assault would have a negative impact on his business, the Headman ordered Gristle to pick up a pair of specific hostages at the hospital: the recovering Lt. Falcon and comatose Cindi.


Generation 1
Gristle 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

Gristle was introduced in the 1993 series of A Real American Hero toys, as figure #32 in the Battle Corps subline.

Appearance: long brown hair with loose lock; black sunglasses; dark red shirt with black vest and neon yellow collar and zipper; dark red knives on chest; black gloves with neon yellow wristbands; neon yellow and black pants with dark red holster and boots

Accessories: dark red "'92 Destro" XL-14 submachine gun; dark red "Rock-Viper" machine gun; dark red "Shockwave" knife; rectangular, neon yellow spring-loaded missile launcher with inside bar handle and dark red trigger; two dark red missiles with squared-off fins and notched cylindrical tips; dark red figure stand.

Variations: Some missile launchers had a loop for a string. page/Filecard



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