The H.I.S.S. II is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The H.I.S.S. II (or HIgh-Speed Sentry, mark-II) is the second generation of Cobra high-speed sentry tank. It weighs 11.25 tons and has a maximum range of 275 miles. The vehicle has a maximum road speed of 65 mph and a maximum cross-country speed of 60 mph.

Types of H.I.S.S. II Tanks

Mark-II Version-1 Type-A: As Cobra gained more resonances, they could afford to field better battle platforms. This is based on the Mark-0 frame. It larger and slower then the Mark-I, but with better armaments, thicker armor, and more features. It has a passenger seat for a RTO Specialist, advanced electronic systems and an infantry bay for 7 men or cargo (based on the space used to hold the attack pods, in the Mk-0). The MkII-1a mounts two fixed laser cannons, turret-mounted triple-barreled laser cannons and two side-mounted missiles. The disadvantage with this model, is how the sophisticated weapons and electronic systems are harder to service and consumes a lot of power. The hull is distinguishable from the Type-B, in that the hull is painted teal (otherwise, the differences are unstated).

Mark-II Version-1 Type-B: This is like the v1a, but has a blue hull. (the differences between types are unstated)

Mark-II Version-2 Type-A: This an upgrade to the v1. The power-hungry laser cannons and missiles are replaced by a turret-mounted anti-tank machine gun (with shield), sonic-projection rifle and a missile pod for seven smaller missiles. The hull is thicker, with a "pythonized" coating to help evade or distort electronic sensors.

Mark-II Version-2 Type-B: This is v2a, but with a missile-launchers in place of the anti-tank machine gun.


From Blueprint:

1) Two tri-barreled, thermal propulsion XTX-a20b cannons.
2) Nighttime surveillance and visual light beam.
3) Sophisticated infrared view-shield with transparent anti-blast coating.
4) Early warning attack sensory panel.
5) Hydraulic synchronized propulsion system.
6) Cannon-based, heat-sensitive early warning radar.
7) 100mm armor-piercing laser machine gun.
8) Digitally manipulated, lock-on target laser guidance coordinators.
9) Atmospheric indicator grid for with velocity measurement.
10) Titanium plated, cannon command control turret with 360 degree movement.
11) Track tread storage compartment for direction analysis converter.
12) Two surface hovering, no-noise, multi-warhead "Slam" missiles.
13) Steel-bound, puncture-proof hull.
14) Ground crunching, all-terrain track treads with automatic directional mechanisms.
15) Fully operative, IFF/UHF/VHF communications transmitting and jamming systems.

From Impel:

Armament: Side–mounted laser cannons, turreted triple-barreled laser cannons and twin ground-to-ground laser-guided warheads.
Special Equipment: Radar Dishes, high intensity searchlights, armored track treads, and 7-man personnel carrier capability.
Power Plants: Nitro-injected computer-assisted engine.
Maximum Speed:' 45 mph (fully loaded).
Range: 250 miles (fully loaded).
Current Deployment: Ground attack and reinforcement.


Comics continuity

Animated continuity


A Real American Hero (1989) page/Blueprint
Convention Exclusive (2003) page


  • G.I. Joe: Field Manual Vol 2

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