Cobra H.I.S.S. IV

Also known as the Strike H.I.S.S (its name in the Devil's Due comic) the H.I.S.S. IV is a next generation Cobra tank. It is a radical departure from the previous H.I.S.S. tanks in shape and function. The elevated cabin and canopy was replaced with an armored cockpit, with a snake-like appearance. Two hydralic lifts allowed for the driver to elevate the canopy, giving him an overhead view of the battle field.

This H.I.S.S. also had troop carrying capabilities, able to carry four troopers in a rear compartment.


Weight: 12 tons

Speed (fully loaded): 70 mph road; 55mph coss-country

Range (fully loaded): 260 miles

Armaments: 2x 60 caliber machine guns and a dorsal-mounted, clip-fed machine gun.

Ordnance: 2x short ranged, surface-to-surface anti-personel missiles.

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