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The "Hammerhead" is a Cobra Submersible Sea Tank that weighs 64 tons. It has a maximum range of 180 miles and a maximum surface speed of 50 mph. The vehicle carries five deployable one-man attack craft, of varying sizes and shapes:

  • Two one-man sea net penetrating, low noise attack submarines (each with 4 torpedoes, and one UABM sonic disintegrator missile firing system)
  • Two one-man surface skimming, diversionary sea sled scout crafts (each with 2 torpedoes)
  • One airborne/undersea command module with pivoting radar unit (with 2 torpedoes)

After launching the five mini-submarines and one-man sleds, the wheeled mother vehicle is still armed with the laser machine guns, the elevating missile bank, and one UABM sonic disintegrator missile firing system.


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