The name Hard Master refers to several versions of the same character.
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Hard Master is a character from the film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins. He is portrayed by Iko Uwais.

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Snake Eyes meets Hard Master upon visiting the Arashikage Castle with Tomisaburo "Tommy" Arashikage, who hopes to have Snake Eyes joins the Arashikage Clan. In order to join, Snake Eyes must pass three tests, with Hard Master administering the first.

Hard Master administering the first test

After being given a bit of time to rest, Snake Eyes begins the first test. He is told that in order to pass the tests, he must release his arrogance. With the other members of the clan watching on, Hard Master tells Snake Eyes that he is weak and will be easy to beat. He grabs two bowls, filling each with water. He tells Snake Eyes that he must hold onto his own bowl without spilling any water while attempting to deprive him of his bowl. He warns him that if he fails four times, he will have failed the test.

Snake Eyes repeatedly comes at Hard Master with force, each time being swiftly dispatched. The others watch on, convinced that Snake Eyes does not have what it takes to pass the test. However, after the third try, Snake Eyes centers himself and reflects on what he was told. He then calmly and politely approaches Hard Master, asking if he will agree to exchange bowls with him. Hard Master agrees and with this, Snake Eyes passes the test, Tommy watching with delight.

Later, when Kenta and his forces attack the castle, Hard Master is part of the team that helps to defend it.