Cobra constructs a device that will melt the polar ice caps!



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"Beware, Lady Jaye. With so sharp a tongue you could cut your own throat!"

--Destro to a captive Lady Jaye.

"I see you have never learned the difference between courage and stupidity."

--Destro to Flint and Lady Jaye.


Continuity errors

  • As the episode progresses, the Cobra Troopers - who Cobra Commander at one point refers to as "polar troopers" - become dressed as Snow Serpents.
  • One tranquilizer dart knocks a polar bear out, yet Snow Job takes three in his shoulder and is able to stagger away and find help for his teammates.
  • Later in the episode that same polar bear has the strength in its jaws to bite through the chain holding Flint and Lady Jaye together.
  • Cobra is so intent on melting the polar ice caps that they fail to realize that their base and vehicles will sink as well.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Destro tends to use the same control panel layout in the devices he designs for Cobra, a flaw that he vows to correct after overhearing Flint mention it just before capturing him and Lady Jaye.
  • The HISS tanks have been given heavy armor that is resistant to the hovercraft lasers.
  • The Baroness's behavior risked exposing her cover. She antagonizes the Joes instead of avoiding attention.

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