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Hawk is a G.I. Joe character from the G.I. Joe film.
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General Hawk was the call-sign of G.I. Joe's Commander, General Clayton Abernathy. Previous to joining the team, he had personally fought in several conflicts around the world.


Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

Portrayed by Dennis Quaid.

General Hawk is first seen during the unveiling of the M.A.R.S. nanomite warheads, taking an interest in the weapon. He sends Alpha Team to make sure the case is protected, the team intervening when Cobra attacks and takes out most of the squad assigned to protect it, led by Duke and Ripcord. Following this, Breaker creates a holographic form of Hawk so he and Duke can talk face to face even as he remains in the the Pit. He convinces Duke that G.I. Joe is not the enemy and agrees to Duke and Ripcords' request to return with them in order to continue to oversee the case.

Cover Girl and Hawk together in the Pit

Hawk later explains to Duke what G.I. Joe is, but initially denies their request to join team. He then tells James McCullen that he will personally keep the warheads until they can be delivered back to M.A.R.S. Duke then "blackmails" his way on the team by revealing that he has critical information regarding one of Cobra's members, the Baroness, but only sharing it if he is allowed to join, along with Ripcord. Hawk then puts the two through an intense training course, with Duke scoring in the top 10, though Ripcord only barely passes.

The Pit is then attacked by Cobra, who have been secretly sent by McCullen with the intention of stealing the warheads for a daring assault on key targets around the world. General Hawk is in the Pit signing some forms given to him by Cover Girl, when she is stabbed from behind by Zartan. Cover Girl is killed, but Hawk hits Zartan with a right hook to his face, then grabs his gun. Storm Shadow, however, then appears and disarms Hawk and although he puts up a decent fight, Storm Shadow gets a sword to his neck. He then slashes Hawk in the chest, then holds Hawk's head to a scanner in order to retrieve the case containing the warheads. He allows Hawk to live, thus Hawk is able to alert security of the breach before passing out. He is informed afterwards of subsequent events, including Alpha Team's failure to stop an attack on Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and Duke's subsequent capture by Cobra.

Hawk wishes the Joes luck as they head off for their next mission

When the team returns to base, Hawk is still badly injured, requiring a wheelchair to move and a cane to stand. He tells the team that they have been dismissed and ordered to report to their respective heads of state. They protest, as they wish to take on Cobra and rescue Duke. After they find a lead, he admits that no timetable has actually been set on when they must return and tacitly approves their mission. He then coordinates their attack on the M.A.R.S. Industries Base base from the Pit. Afterwards, he is shown to have fully recovered and sees the Joes off to a helicopter as they embark on their next mission, wishing them luck.

Personality and abilities

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General Hawk was a capable leader and cared about his troops. He was willing to twist orders and turn them to his favor or even disobey them completely if the situation demanded it, and did so to help prevent the rise of Cobra. Hawk believed that nobody could ask to be part of G.I. Joe: instead they would get asked. However, he did allow Duke and Ripcord to join the Joes after Duke revealed that he had a history with the Baroness. Hawk gradually grew to respect both Duke and Ripcord and offered them a chance to stay in G.I. Joe permanently.

Though Hawk's combat abilities were not properly displayed during the movie, he was a skilled soldier. One doctor referred to him as "one tough bastard". He briefly fought Zartan and Storm Shadow, punching Zartan in the face and evading a couple of blows from Shadow but was no match for the ninjitsu master. Due to his injuries at the hands of Shadow, Hawk was sidelined during the Joes' mission to France and later to the Arctic, but he continued to use his strategy to lead the team remotely.


Movie Hawk af01.jpg
The Rise of Cobra (2009)The 3 3/4-inch scale Hawk action figure was sold together with the Pit vehicle. He was produced to Dennis Quaid's likeness. The name for the figure, though, was General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy. For accessories, the figure came with a pistol.
GIROC-92882-00001-00100 large.jpg
The second 3 3/4-inch scale Hawk action figure was sold as an individually blistered figure.  As with the above, the figure resembles Dennis Quaid.  For accessories, the figure came with a handgun, assault rifle, nanomite case, two nanomite vials, pistol belt, and removeable shoulder handgun harness.  The figure also included a stand base and a jetpack previously seen in "GI Joe: Resolute."  The inclusion of the jetpack may have been an allusion to previous Hawk figures which have included winged jetpacks.
Movie Hawk af02.jpg
Combat Heroes (2009)A super deformed version of Hawk appeared in the Combat Heroes edition of the Rise of Cobra. He was sold together with Cobra Viper.

Behind the scenes

  • Hawk's action figure file card: A courageous, highly intelligent leader, Hawk has seen action in conflicts around the world. He's trained his team to be fearless defenders of freedom, ready to protect the world against the forces of evil.
  • General Hawk does not appear in the film G.I. Joe: Retaliation, absent along with several oft he major characters from the original film. No explanation is provided in the film for these characters' absence.


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