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Headman is a Headhunter character from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
Headman's drug peddling forces come into conflict with the Joes' "Drug Enforcement Force", which includes Bullet-Proof, Mutt, Junkyard and Shockwave. Headman had brought drugs into the Cobra-controlled town of Broca Beach. He also must deal with a suburban housewife out to kill him. Without realizing the nature of the town they were fighting for, the Joes drove out Headman and his forces. (Shots in the Dark, Triptych, Diptych)

When Headman brings another drug shipment by boat, Cobra Commander has a Techno-Viper take control of G.I. Jane's satellite laser to shoot Headman's boat. The DEF save the Headhunters from drowning and take them to jail, not knowing why Cobra helped them. Headman isn't seen among the surviving Headhunters. (Playing with the Big Boys)

Devil's Due Comics continuity

Headman in his classic costume from the prologue of Special Missions: Brazil.


Headman's look throughout Special Missions: Brazil (profile image)

Shortly before the disbanding of the G.I. Joe team, five Joes stop the attempted sale of Drug Enforcement Administration info to Headman in Brazil, but both the seller and Headman escape. In the present day, a pre-recorded message of the deceased Mainframe is activated to notify his four teammates when the situation gets "hot" again in Brazil. The small group (plus Firewall in Mainframe's place) go to intercept a new attempt of the same sale outside Sao Paulo, which turns out to be a trap for the Joes, who turn the tables on Headman by setting him up with forces of the Brazilian embassy, as his seller was a traitorous aide of the ambassador. (Special Missions: Brazil)

Headman is listed in G.I. Joe: America's Elite #31 as terminated by Cobra during a raid on The Coffin, where he was held, by Tomax and Cobra. While reviewing the "Prisoners Terminated" list, Storm Shadow explains, "Tomax... was able to eliminate those Cobra considered loose ends" (even though Headman was never portrayed as a member of Cobra).

Animated continuity

DiC animated series

When Duke and a Crimson Guard discovered they both had relatives who were victims of Headman's drug dealing (Duke's brother, Lt. Falcon, and the Siegie's sister), they decided to join forces in order to make Headman fall. Duke and the D.E.F. fought side-to-side with Cobra and, in the final battle, headman tried to kill the Joes and Cobras with a massive drug overdose, but his overdose backfired to him. The dying Headman activated the self-destruction of his base and, even though the D.E.F. and Cobra escaped, Headman died, buried by his own base (the only confirmed death in the animated continuity).


Generation 1
Headman 1992 A Real American Hero (1992)

Headman was released in the 1992 series of A Real American Hero toys as part of the Drug Elimination Force subseries.

Appearance: black hat and mask; yellow hair with ponytail and black goatee; white shirt; black jacket with gold stripes; black pants and shoes

Accessories: short, rectangular gold rifle with small stock, grip, and trigger guard; transparent red spring-loaded missile launcher with attached bipod; gold missile with fins near tip. page/Filecard



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