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Heavy Duty is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Roadblock is not the only G.I. Joe strongman with an unusual passion. When Heavy Duty goes to battle, it is classical music that flows inside his head. Heavy Duty is a rough-and-ready individual with a big heart and soul. He very much craves action just as much as the next Joe. But few would have ever suspected he knows Bach and orchestral music. At a very young age, Heavy Duty developed a passion for classical music and even became an accomplished classical guitarist. Playing the musical instruments gave Heavy Duty the edge in operating heavy weapons systems that require some specialization in operating them with both hands.



A Real American Hero continuity[]

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Marvel Comics continuity[]

Heavy Duty first appeared in issue #130 of the G.I. Joe comics published by Marvel Comics. He was among the group of Joes who defended the Pit from an assault by Cobra.

Devil's Due Comics continuity[]

He appeared in issues 11-12 in the comics published by Devil's Due, and later makes a cameo in issue #32 of America's Elite, wearing his Sigma 6 costume.

Hasbro Comics continuity[]

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Animated continuity[]

DiC animated series[]

He was also featured in the first and second season of the second animated series. Heavy Duty appears in several episodes in the DiC-produced third and fourth seasons of the original G.I. Joe TV series.

Direct-to-video series[]

In the G.I. Joe: Spy Troops CGI animated film, Heavy Duty returns with a more colorful personality, albeit as one who loves explosives. It is mentioned in the film that he is Roadblock's cousin. Like his relative, he shares the same passion in cooking, if not the skills.


Generation 1
Heavy Duty A Real American Hero (1991)

Heavy Duty first appeared in 1991 as part of the A Real American Hero toys that year.

Appearance: black hair and mustache; neon green cap; off-white sleeveless torn shirt with black strap; red tattoo on left arm; dark pants with neon green triangles; black belt and boots

Accessories: small, dark green tech backpack with clip for cannon support; large, green handheld support with detachable double-barreled cannon and two detachable spring-loaded missile launchers; red, L-shaped eyepiece attaching to backpack; two neon green missiles with fins at middle and front. page/Filecard

Armor Tech Heavy Duty Star Brigade Armor Tech (1993)

In 1993, Heavy Duty became part of Star Brigade's Armor Tech subset.

Appearance: red bandana; black hair and mustache; green and brown camouflage chest armor; neon green left missile launcher arm, upper right arm, and upper legs with brown camouflage; olive green waistpiece, lower right arm, and legs; green boots

Accessories: horned, neon green helmet with cut-out for eyes; black "Cloudburst" submachine gun; black "'91 Flint" laser rifle; black "'93 Beach-Head" knife; two black "Backblast" missiles; black figure stand. page/Filecard

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The Real American Hero Collection (1998)
The G.I. Joe M.O.B.A.T. tank is re-released in 1998 as part of The Real American Hero Collection. Heavy Duty was part of the package as is another character, Thunderwing.
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G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (2002)
Like other G.I. Joe vs. Cobra two-packs, Heavy Duty is packaged together with his Cobra rival Cobra C.L.A.W.S.. A second two-pack brought him with another Cobra counterpart Skull Buster.
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G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (Brawler 2002)
A re-colored version of Heavy Duty is packaged with the Brawler.
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Spy Troops (2003)
A new Heavy Duty sculpt is made for the Spy Troops series. He is packaged together with Heavy Water.
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Valor vs. Venom (2004)
The Spy Troops sculpt is re-used for the Valor vs. Venom toys with a different color scheme. He was packaged in a two-pack with Razorclaw. A different colored version was released later as a solo pack.
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  • Working names include Rampart, Cinder-Block, Bulwark and Brick-Wall.

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