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Hi-Tech is a G.I. Joe character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra and Sigma 6 series.
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Hi-Tech is considered a technological genius providing back-up for Duke and his team. There is nothing that he can't hack or decode.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Direct-to-video series

Hi-Tech is the inventor of the MIRC (Mind Interface Remote Control) and is first seen as the passenger of a Night Attack Chopper MIRC-controlled by Wild Bill. During a Cobra attack on the Pit, Wild Bil and Hi-Tech take the Grizzly tank to battle, and after Zartan steals the MIRC headset and the Night Attack Chopper, the pair take the Grizzly again as part of the G.I. Joe assault on Cobra Mountain. While Hi-Tech begins the movie scared of Wild Bill's reckless driving, he eventually gets used to it. [1]

When Cobra begins taking DNA from Zoo creatures to create their V-Troops, Hi-Tech gives the kidnapped Hawk's comm gauntlet to Duke in order to be sent to investigate by the President of United States. After investigating the zoo, Hi-Tech takes the shoddy workmanship of the tranquilizer darts used on the animals as a sign that Dr Mindbender made them. Hi-Tech later uses info from the head of Wild Weasel's downed B.A.T. gunner to locate Cobra's base in Antarctica. On the way there, Hi-Tech tries to listen some rock music, but Heavy Duty keeps changing it to classic music until Duke tells both of them to cut it off. After Flint's unit gets an Electric E.E.L. prisoner, Hi-Tech and Dr. Link Talbot find a defective aminoacid in the venomization process that allows them to find a cure, which to Hi-Tech is another example of Dr Mindbender's incompetence. During the final battle in South America, Hi-Tech and Dr Mindbender exchange shots and insults, until Venomous Maximus' betrayal forces both geniuses to work together, and they revert the polarity of the electromagnet shooting the Venomizer missiles. [2]

Sigma 6 animated series

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