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Hit & Run is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

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Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Hit & Run's real name was Bryan Scott and he was born in Basildon in the county Essex in England.[1] He was part of an infiltration team who recaptured an Arabian oil terminal from Cobra and prevented it from being exploded to ignite the oil fields.[2]


Generation 1
Hit Run 1988 A Real American Hero (1988)

Hit & Run was first released in 1988. He was also sold in 1989 and was discontinued domestically in 1990.

Appearance: green helmet with red goggles; green camo paint with black stripes on face and arms' green and black camouflage shirt and pants; black web straps and belt; black boots

Accessories: black Colt model 635 submachine gun with jagged triangular stock and long magazine (resembles the XM-15); black two-piece duffelbag with clips on side for knife; olive-green knife with ribbed hilt and S-shaped quillen; black grappling hook with string.

Variations: also sold with a parachute pack and an orange filecard as a Target exclusive. page/Filecard


  • Working names: Night Raid, Rope-Burn.

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