The Joes find more than drinks at a bar.

Issue summary

Rock 'n Roll tells Mutt about the last mission that ended in the escapes of Firefly and Zartan, yet with the capture of several Dreadnoks. They go to Old Clyde's bar, where Mutt leaves Junkyard Junior outside and both Joes enter to reunite with Alpine and Bazooka: After talking a bit about the old times and their current happenings, they see three men in black entering and talking in secret to the owner.

Meanwhile, Cobra Commander chastises Dr Mindbender for the recent B.A.T. loss, for which Mindbender tries to put the blame on Firefly's unexpected presence. The brainwashed Lillian Osborne brings some chai tea to relax the Commander, who gets a call from Destro about the new version of the HISS Tank that he is developing.

The Baroness, who is at a shopping tour in Germany, is kidnapped by a Yakuza member.

Back at Old Clyde's, the Joes decide to ask Ol' Clyde about some suspicious activity at the back room of the bar. Ol' Clyde tells it's just some poker games, and when he hears them mentioning Gung-Ho, he calls the Cobra high command. After seeing a suspicious window wiper, Bazooka goes to the bathroom, and Rock 'n Roll notices a Cobra insignia in Ol' Clyde's ring, so he, Alpine and Mutt face the bartender.

A Crimson Guardsman tells Cobra Commander about Ol' Clyde's call, and the Commander decides to deal with it himself.

Back at the bar, the Joes try to explain to the patrons that Clyde is suspect of being part of Cobra, but it turns out that all the patrons are Cobra members. When Bazooka returns from the Bathroom, he is knocked out from behind by the window wiper, and all four Joes are captured.

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G.I. Joe Cobra


Items of note

  • First Appearances: Junkyard Junior


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