Honda Lou West is a character from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.
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Honda Lou West owned a trucking company whose vehicles were stolen by Cobra.

Cobra truck my hushpuppies! These are my trucks, mister. Ever'one of 'em loaded and paid for by yours truly, Honda Lou West. President and manager of Wild West Haulin'!


Animated continuity - Sunbow

Voiced by: Sally Julian

Honda Lou West from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

Roadblock drops onto a passing semi as part of his escape from mountain lions, only to hear another noise. Using a flashlight he finds the owner of the rig. Cutting the ropes holding the owner captive, he is surprised that the trucker is female. Initially grumpy and unappreciative, Honda Lou becomes excited upon learning that Roadblock is part of the G.I. Joe Team. The Palace of Doom

Honda Lou and Roadblock sneak into the Cobra temple, but are captured and sent to the arena of sport. There, they are reunited with Duke and Snake-Eyes. Cobra Commander orders Scrap-Iron to eliminate the prisoners. Scrap-Iron attempts to do this by activating the voracious volt monsters.Battle on the Roof of the World

Duke directs Honda Lou in crossing the control antennas for the volt monsters, disrupting them and allowing her and the Joes to escape the arena. Honda Lou then leads the group into the sewers of the temple, allowing Duke to send a signal allowing the main Joe team to trace their location. While waiting for rescue, Honda Lou distracts some Cobra Officers who are guarding supplies of the super vines. Breaking in to the control center of the temple, Roadblock sets the vines and Honda Lou and the others water them. The rapid growth of the vines entwines Cobra Commander, Destro, and the Weather Dominator itself, allowing the attacking Joe rescue squad to defeat Cobra and capture Cobra Commander. Honda Lou joins in the celebrations as Breaker uses the Weather Dominator to restore normal climate patterns worldwide.Amusement Park of Terror


  • Honda Lou's truck uses a modification of the animation model for Optimus Prime from another Hasbro/Sunbow cartoon.

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