The Intelligence Profile was a series of factfiles that appeared in Marvel UK's successive Action Force titles. The feature first appeared in the weekly Action Force #1 and continued throughout the title's lifespan, then reappeared in both Action Force Monthly and the Action Force annuals.

Each profile detailed an individual character, providing key information under a series of headings such as "File Name", "Rank", "Serial Number", "Primary Military Speciality", "Secondary Military Speciality" and "Place of Birth" (although not all were used on every profile), together with a brief biographical paragraph and a full portrait. Because many characters had their country of origin altered for Action Force, the profiles serve as an alternative record of changes from the G.I. Joe continuity.

List of Intelligence Profiles

Action Force weekly

Action Force Monthly

Action Force annuals

Unknown location

The following profiles were also printed but Joepedia's information does not yet include the locations:

Unintelligence Profile

The Unintelligence Profile was an adaption of the format for characters in the Combat Colin humour strip. Two were run:

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