The Intruders are a line of action figures from Hasbro's G.I. Joe collection. Although resembling cavemen, the Intruders were supposedly super strong, highly intelligent alien invaders bent on conquering the Earth.

In 1976, G.I. Joe and the Adventure Team met new foes from outer space when, The Intruders: Strong Men from Another World, are introduced. These armored caveman-like aliens, although smaller than G.I. Joe, had a button on their backs which could be pressed to make them grab with their "Crusher Grip" arms. These were available in the bearded and gold armored commander, and the unbearded, silver armored warrior. It should be noted that up until the introduction of these cavemen-looking armored aliens, Joe and his team only had the forces of nature and animals to combat. Now he was pitted up against foes who despite their brutish appearance were possessed of keen intellect and bent on world domination.

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