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This article is about the standard Iron Grenadier infantryman - for the faction formed by Destro, see Iron Grenadiers.
Iron Grenadier is an Iron Grenadier character from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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The Iron Grenadiers represent the first of a new generation of private armies. When most men in that type of company tend to be satisfied by simply being paid for their services, Destro does one better by making them active participants for his growing arms business. Not content to be merely hired infantry, these men are encouraged to come up with devious ways to convince the clients that their sales and services are needed. If successful in the transaction, their commission is a percentage of gross sales.

They have been described as "used car salesmen with machine guns."

Mercenaries are in it for the money, Iron Grenadiers are in it for the money too but they have figured out they can increase their coffers by combining grunt work with weapons sales. The more they sell, the more they can squeeze out of that commission they get. Now, who do you think is the more dangerous of the two?


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

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Devil's Due Comics continuity

Action Force (British) Comics continuity

A Phantom X-19 stealth plane was shot down in the Jordanian desert. A local warlord sought to auction the plane and other nomad warlords, Destro, with a squad of Iron Grenadiers, and Cobra all converged. But they were preventing from capturing its secrets by the G.I. Joe the Action Force team Tiger Force, who destroyed the stealth plane. Destro and the Iron Grenadiers were forced to unite with Cobra against the nomads.[1]

Destro subsequently used Iron Grenadiers in Sao Cristobel when he sold a nuclear warhead to one side in the country's civil war but arranged for the helicopter carrying it to crash, then sent the Grenadiers under the command of Darklon to recover it before a G.I. Joe Team reached there first. However both were beaten by a Cobra team headed by the Baroness. The Grenadiers returned to Destro's temporary base which they unsuccessfully defended against an attack by the G.I. Joe Team, who secured the remote control for the warhead and used it to take the device from Cobra.[2]


Generation 1
Iron Grenadier A Real American Hero (1988)

Iron Grenadiers were first released carded as part of the 1988 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: black crested helmet; red face mask; black jacket with gold strap, buttons, and left wristband; black gloves; black pants with red belt and kneepads; black and red boots

Accessories: black Uzi with attached stock; red laser pistol with trapezoidal muzzle; gold saber with long chain. page/Filecard


  • Working names included "The Nameless Legion," "Stainless Steel Brigade" and "the Hard Corps."

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