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Destro is a character in the live-action film continuity.
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James McCullen IX (b.1613 - d.1703)[1] is the ninth laird of the Clan McCullen, and the first known as Destro.


Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

James McCullen IX was lord of the McCullen Clan from 1633 to 1641. In 1641, he was captured and punished by the French for selling arms to the enemies of King Louis XIII, even though he also sold weapons to the French.

The proud, arrogant McCullen scorned his captors for the hypocrisy of their politics and the narrow scope of their comprehension. For his punishment, his face was covered with a red-hot iron mask.[2] Rather than a reminder of dishonor, this mask became a treasured symbol of the power wielded by the Clan McCullen.

He also designed and tested military submarines in the English Channel, presumably after being masked.[1]


Generation 3
McCullen IX ROC 2009 Rise of Cobra (2009)

James McCullen IX was released in 2009 in a "McCullen Clan Family History" two-pack with James McCullen XXIV as an SDCC two-pack. Beneath the new armor, the figure is based on the same mold as the Generation 3 Iron Grenadier Destro, but is unusually tall.[3]

Appearance: red armor on torso; black cape on back; red boots; red bracers; red armor at waist over plaid kilt; black hair, mustache and beard.

Accessories: brown and silver flintlock pistol; gray rapier; McCullen clan banner; brown pole; rusty iron mask. page/Filecard


  • James McCullen IX was played by David Murray. In February 2008, word leaked that Murray would be playing Destro when the role was listed on his resume at the IMDb.[4]. A week later, however, Christopher Eccleston was officially announced as Destro. David Murray was cast as Destro, but dropped it when he had problems with his visa. He was replaced by Christopher Eccleston; however, the character was named James McCullen XXIV, thus enabling Murray to film a flashback scene as the first Destro, James McCullen IX.
  • While the idea of an ancestor having been punished with a mask that would become the symbol of his clan has always been part of Destro's background, this is the first version of such ancestor that is shown onscreen.

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