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The name Jinx refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Jinx.
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Sexy, intelligent and elusive, Jinx serves the Joe Team as a covert and intelligence operative. You might think her helpless but she has years of combat experience and knowledge in four martial arts.


IDW Comics continuity

Jinx is assigned to be Chuckles' handler in his mission to infiltrate the Cobra organization. Despite a somewhat less than friendly first meeting, the two work together, become each other's confidante and became romantically close.[1]

When he gets deeper in, she is forced to cut off her meetings with him. However, Cobra catches her sneaking around one of their facilities. Chuckles is called in when they discover Jinx had been following him and he is forced to shoot her in order for his cover to not be blown, an act that sends him over the edge.[2]


  • Jinx is a Chinese American instead of a Japanese American as she is in most continuities. Additionally, she does not display any prowess as a ninja.

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