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Jinx is the daughter of the Hard Master and a ninja in G.I. Joe: Renegades. She was the apprentice of Snake-Eyes, and the heir to the Arashikage Clan. She was the first student of Snake-Eyes.


Rescued by Snake-Eyes at the age of eight and was an instrumental part of Hard Master adopting a moral path for the clan when she protected Snake-Eyes from Hard Master's punishment. Jinx believed that her cousin Tomisaburo (Storm Shadow) was responsible for the death of her father, while her cousin thought that Snake-Eyes was the killer.[1] What they don't know was that the Hard Master was poisoned, while he was still alive he wanted Snake-Eyes to lead the clan, once he stopped breathing Snake-Eyes tried to slit the throat so air could get in, Tomi came in and thought that Snake-Eyes had killed him, before he could explain Tomi slit his throat with a ninja star, and then Tomi was tossed out the window, when it was over, Snake-Eyes was too late, as the Hard Master had died, Snake-Eyes then took his master's daughter to train her, though he also took the Sword of Arashikage for unknown reasons. After she began training she called herself Jinx, thinking she had bad luck.


Kim Arashikage

Snake-Eyes decided to take the Joe's to his dojo, to train them, while Jinx and Scarlett were hostile towards each other, when Storm Shadow attacked they put aside their differences. Snake-Eyes admitted (non-verbally) to have slit her father's throat, though she thought that meant that he was the killer and that her cousin was right.

Later on, after being convinced by Storm Shadow that Snake-Eyes killed her father, Jinx (now called Kimi) joins her cousin. While Storm Shadow goes after Snake-Eyes, Kimi goes back to Japan to lead the Arashikage in his place. Before heading back, she found a similar throat poker that Snake-Eyes tried to use to save Hard Master (until Storm Shadow's interference) and squeezes it in her hands.[2]

Kim Arashikage from GIJoe Renegades 2

Kim Arashikage in her high-tech suit

In "Cutting Edge", Jinx was hired by Destro to assassinate Cobra Commander. She fails in the mission, but during a confrontation with Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, the truth about the Hard Master's death finally comes out. He had actually been poisoned by Tomi, but only because the poisoned cup had been meant for Snake-Eyes, but they had accidentally been switched. An apologetic Storm Shadow formally turned control of the Arashikage over to Jinx and left to seek his own atonement. In this episode Kim Arashikage wore a high-tech suit with optical camouflage and force field technology.

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