Joepedia is an attempt to create the most comprehensive database on everything related to G.I. Joe. This includes information from the toys, the comics, cartoons, books and more.

It joins the ranks of other G.I. Joe oriented fan websites in archiving related information such as, JMM's G.I. Joe Comics Home Page and The Ultimate G.I. Joe Cartoon Website. In addition, Wikipedia has a G.I. Joe Wikiproject.

While it is true that Wikipedia already has a G.I. Joe project going on, Joepedia, like many other Fandom wikis, seeks to go beyond Wikipedia's limits. As a separate wiki, Joepedia can expand on all G.I. Joe information in greater detail and with more freedom. Every bit of minutia can be examined, from giving each character their own pages to issue summaries, episode summaries, vehicles, weapons and even obscure references.

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