What is Joepedia?

Joepedia is a wiki devoted to covering information on all things G.I. Joe. It covers everything from news, the toys, television shows, movies, comics and other related items.

Who created Joepedia and when was it created?

Wudstar is the man responsible for the creation of Joepedia. Joepedia went online on September 25, 2006.

Why create Joepedia?

Because we can!! Seriously, this wiki is intended as a resource for fans of the G.I. Joe universe and as an entry point for those who are curious. G.I. Joe information may also be found on Wikipedia but we feel that a separate G.I. Joe wiki may be able to expound more on the subject of G.I. Joe and get around regarding issues of style.

Why is Joepedia divided into several sections like the 12” series and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra?

The entire G.I. Joe lineup is composed of not one but several different series that have each formed their own community of fans. One of the objectives of Joepedia is to provide a home for all these communities. For example, the G.I. Joe Extreme section would never have enough articles to stand as a wiki site on its own. It is also inevitable that there are going to be references made to other series. We feel that each and every series is important to the history of G.I. Joe, no matter how minor.

Is Joepedia sanctioned or supported by Hasbro?

No, Joepedia is in no way officially approved or funded by Hasbro, the toy company that owns and produces G.I. Joe toys.

Why are there many articles still missing information?

Many articles are still in a stage called a stub. As there are still very few contributors to this wiki, each article is waiting to be filled with information. Many “proto-articles” and redirects are created to avoid duplication of efforts and waste of time. This is also a practice in many of Wikia’s wikis.

What can I do to help?

If you don’t already know, wiki articles are meant to be capable of being edited by everyone. You just have to share your knowledge of G.I. Joe lore in writing. To find out how to use Wikia’s features, see the Help section.

Must I register to contribute?

No, you do not need to register to contribute to Joepedia. However, we encourage that you register anyway to make sure your edits and contributions are properly credited to you. It also lets us know you are a responsible contributor as vandals may visit this site and do edit damages. Should the level of vandalism become too severe, we may ask a member of Fandom's community staff to block the vandal's IP. Furthermore, there may be wiki functions that are available only to registered users that non-registered users can't utilize.

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