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Lady Jaye is a G.I. Joe character from live-action film continuity.
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Retaliation (2013 Movie)

Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki.

Lady Jaye is a part of an elite G.I. Joe tactical team, headed by Duke, who has risen through G.I. Joe's ranks to become a captain. She serves a covert operator with a specialty in weapons.

During a mission in North Korea, Jaye performs reconnaissance and informs the group that they're up against Cold War era weapons, but warns them not to relax, as they can still put holes in them the same as any other weapons. The group succeeds in their mission and returns home in triumph.

Following the assassination of the President of Pakistan, the G.I. Joe team is sent on another mission: to retrieve the country's nuclear weapons before they can fall into the hands of one of the many competing warlords vying for control. The group again succeeds, but while they are waiting for evac, they are suddenly faced with an airstrike, secretly called in by Zartan of Cobra, who has assumed the role of the President of the United States in disguise. During the fighting, Duke is killed and only Lady Jaye, Flint and Roadblock survive. They evade detection by hiding in a well. Afterwards, Roadblock lingers over Duke's body, but Jaye tells him that they have to keep moving and that, as their previous second in command, he is their new leader.

The group realizes that there was only one person who had the authority to call in a strike like the one they faced. They return to the United States. There, Roadblock introduces them to his old friend, Stoop, who gives them a place to crash while they plot their next move. Roadblock tells Jaye to start putting together a database on the President so they can start figuring out what's wrong with him. Jaye then uses advanced computer algorithms to analyze the President's speech patterns and behaviors. Comparing recent footage of him with older footage, she discovers that his conversational fillers have changed, as well as the way he clasps his fingers, something that the same person never does differently. They realize that if the President is an imposter, there may be nobody they can trust. Roadblock, however, realizes that there is one person: General Joe Colton, the man who founded G.I. Joe.

Lady Jaye dancing with the false President

They pay a visit to Colton, who greets Lady Jaye as "Brenda" and who is skeptical of their theory. He refuses to go against the President without firmer evidence, but offers them a means to get it: access to the President's Chief of Staff. They capture the Chief of Staff and manage to forge credentials to get Lady Jaye into a dinner being held by the President in order to promote his upcoming disarmament conference with the leaders of the world's nuclear nations. She poses as Miss Vandervoort of FOX News and dances with the President, obtaining a sample of his hair in the process. The sample proves the truth: that the supposed President is actually Zartan. Lady Jaye, however, is forced to make a quick exit when the President's Secret Service team, who has been replaced with Cobra operatives, recognizes her as being a Joe. The team then fights off Firefly of Cobra.

The Joes realize that Cobra's endgame is likely be revealed during the conference announced at the dinner. With the help of Snake Eyes and the captured Storm Shadow, they learn that it was Zartan who killed the Arashikage Clan master, twisting Storm Shadow to Cobra's service. As they prepare for the mission, Lady Jaye discusses her past with Flint. She tells him that her father wouldn't believe it if she could see him now, that he was military and wanted a son, but ended up with her. He didn't believe in female soldiers, so she enlisted, serving for seven years in the hope that she would outrank him and he'd have to salute her, only for him to die before she could.

General Colton, the President and Lady Jaye

As the team puts their plan into effect, Lady Jaye joins General Colton in the mission to rescue the real President of the United States. Colton corners Zartan's agent, Zandar, holding the President in an underground bunker. Zandar then puts a gun to the President's head, threatening to shoot him, only for Lady Jaye to take him down from behind, but grazing the President in the process. She apologizes, but he tells her that it's fine, simply happy to be safe at last. The resto f the team succeeds in thwarting Cobra's ambitions, though the Cobra Commander escapes in the process. Afterwards, the President hosts a ceremony on the White House lawn honoring the G.I. Joes, in which Lady Jaye is promoted to Captain. General Colton tells her that he served with her father and that he'd be very proud of her. The two salute each other. G.I. Joe: Retaliation


G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Lady Jaye Wave 3

Lady Jaye was released in 2013 as part of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation toyline.

Appearance: brown hair pulled into a ponytail; desert camouflage shirt and pants; tan chest armor; black belt; brown fingerless gloves; brown boots.

Accessories: grey two-piece bazooka; grey backpack with four removable grey bazooka shells; grey Heckler & Koch MP7A1; grey MP5K with a removable silencer; tan, brown and black heavily modified M16; tan, brown and black FN SCAR; grey machete; two grey knives; small tan backpack with black straps; tan and black power javelin. page/Filecard


  • Her promotion to Captain at the end of Retaliation implies that she was previously a First Lieutenant, and thus outranked Roadblock, who was just a Sergeant First Class. Of course, rank has never really been a big deal in G.I. Joe.

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