Quick Kick's girlfriend Amber breaks into G.I. Joe Headquarters with the intent of joining the team, and Cobra Commander steals a prototype laser device to carve his likeness on the moon.



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Memorable Quotes

"You wouldn't happen to have a brother with shoulders like yours, would ya?"
"No, a sister!"

--Quick Kick easily deflecting Sandy's attempt at flirting.

"You spent millions on this... this cosmic graffiti?"

--Destro on Cobra's first successful objective in history.


  • When the team is sitting in the ready room discussing the sabotage, a quick glance of the room shows Roadblock, Shipwreck, Mutt, Ace, Dusty, Flash, Cover Girl, Blowtorch, Airborne and QK sitting at the table from left to right. Immediately after, Spirit is shown sitting to Quick Kick's left. When Duke orders Quick Kick to bring in Amber for questioning, the next shot shows a reverse angle of the table and Dusty, Flash and Spirit are missing.


The notion that Duke would allow a civilian that Quick Kick just met, and who just broke into a top-secret military installation, to immediately have a tour of Joe HQ is beyond absurd. In G.I. Joe: The Movie he chewed out Lt. Falcon for less!

  • It's highly unlikely that the security code for Joe HQ's early-detection system would be bandied about in such a careless fashion.
  • Also, Amber just spent the entire episode getting herself into all sorts of life-threatening situations because of her lack of judgment, yet instead of pointing out that she's way out of her league and should leave fighting terrorists to the professionals on his team, Duke asks her to join the G.I. Joe team. Really?!?!?

Items Of Note

Aside from once being a movie stuntman, Quick Kick is apparently also a movie buff who has a quip and a quote always at the ready.

Real World References

Quick Kick imitates Porky Pig and Steve Martin, and quotes Hannibal Smith's catchphrase from The A-Team, James Cagney from Blonde Crazy, Humphrey Bogart from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and Mae West.


I'm just not seeing the big picture!!!

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