The rest of the Joe Team flies in to Sierra Gordo to pull off a highly daring extraction.

Detailed summary

G.I. Joe members Gung-Ho, Breaker and Stalker survive the Baroness's attempt to bomb their boat. Trying to get to the river's shore, Stalker is attacked by a crocodile and manages to best it but not without being injured and passes out. Hours later, he awakes in a research station formerly held by Cobra and is greeted by Breaker. He chastises his teammate for carelessly alerting enemies to their location by building a campfire. They then proceed to build defenses and traps. In the distance, they are observed by a group of mercenaries.

Gung-Ho makes his way to a radio station where, after taking care of the personnel there, he sends a message to G.I. Joe headquarters. In minutes, Hawk receives the message and mobilizes a team of Joes to get on the C-130 to rescue the three Joes in Sierra Gordo. Scarlett notes the discrepancy in the number as she knows Snake-Eyes was part of the Sierra Gordo team and becomes very concerned.

Meanwhile at Cobra headquarters, Cobra Commander explains to Baroness why Scar-Face stopped her from finishing off the Joes and left clues to the Joes regarding his next plan. It's all an effort to keep the Joes from learning about their true plan. The clue is left at the research station where the Joes are sure to find it. The Specialist receives a message that a group of mercenaries are moving in on the research station. If the Joes are overwhelmed, they won't get the clue. The Baroness suggests sending in Cobra paratroopers to intercept the mercenaries but this would risk the Joes wondering why they're rescued by Cobras. The Specialist assures he has another plan.

Sure enough, in the research station, Breaker finds a pouch with typewritten material but don't appear to have anything coded. Stalker does not believe in any "open" material. After careful examination of the paper, every character has typewriter indention at the back except for a dot on an "i".

The G.I. Joe rescue team arrive and parachute but their presence does not go unnoticed by Richter and his mercenaries. Doc and Torpedo land in the river. Torpedo checks in on the sunken bunker while Doc inflate their dinghy. The Joes' Navy SEAL taps on the bunker door but is called back by Doc before he would have known somebody is still alive in the bunker. Above water, they observe the mercenaries are joined by another mercenary squad but this other group don't have the best of intentions. As it turns out, the other group is composed of Cobra disguised as mercenaries.

Not long after, they meet up with Gung-Ho driving a bulldozer on his way to pick up Breaker and Stalker. They head back to the cab that Gung-Ho hired. At the airfield, Scarlett leads the team to take over the airstrip. The rescuers and the rescued all join at the airstrip and leave in the C-130 just right before Sierra Gordo militia could close in on them.

Stalker is getting his wounds treated and gives Hawk the clue they found in the Cobra research station. The dot in the "i" is a microdot and it may be the only clue they have to what Cobra is putting in motion and to track down the Baroness and Scar-Face. The least they could do for Snake-Eyes.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Others
  • Felipe (7)
  • Hector (8)
  • Rio Lindo chief of police (14)
  • Taxi driver (21)
  • Emil (11)
  • Mercenaries (13)
  • Richter (12)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Cobra Civilian Others
  • Seaplane
  • Bulldozer
  • Hog truck
  • Taxi

Featured Locations

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian

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Items of note

  • First Appearances: Torpedo
  • Second hint of the relationship between Scarlett and Snake-Eyes.
  • This issue was reprinted in G.I. Joe Digest #5, Tales of G.I. Joe #13 and G.I. Joe vol. 2 trade paperback.

Real-world references

  • Stalker (hilariously) rattles off accurate taxonomical information about the crocodile while he's wrestling it.
  • Richter makes realistic reference to his experiences in the Vietnam war on page 15.

Footnotes and References

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