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Law is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.

Law is a Millitary police responsible for G.I. Joe's security alongside with his K-9 German shepherd, Order. He is a trained dog handler with a natural affinity for animals, and is also Airborne qualified.

Law & Order are tasked with developing and maintaining G.I. Joe security protocols, and are known for their no-nonsense procedure and attention to detail.
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A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, Law & Order first appeared in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #60 (June 1987). Law is teamed with Lt. Falcon, Chuckles and Fast Draw. They are told they are official Joe members, but it is part of a conspiracy by rogue Pentagon officials to destroy Cobra Island with building sized missile. This includes kidnapped General Hawk and taking him to a decommissioned beach resort. The group fight a faction of Dreadnoks in all the confusion and the missile is destroyed by a Cobra transport helicopter. Hawk makes the group official Joe members on the spot. Law (with Order) works again with Chuckles. They escort Hawk as he tries to recruit Billy, the son of Cobra Commander. Law and the others who fought the Dreadnoks travel to the official Joe headquarters and have to deal with paperwork problems.

Devil's Due Comics continuity

The two appear in issue 13 of the Devil's Due G.I. Joe Frontline. They are assisting a Joe team in raiding a civilian house. Despite booby traps, they capture their quarry.

Action Force (British) Comics continuity

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Hasbro Comics continuity

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Animated continuity

Sunbow animated series

Voice actor: Ron Ortiz (US)

Law from the G.I. Joe: The Movie.

Law made his debut among the other 'Rawhide' recruits trained by Beach Head, where he was complimented for being 'a real trooper'.

Beach Head's enthusiasm for Law didn't last. His first exercise consisted of locating and disposing a bomb hidden somewhere in a mock-up village within 5 minutes. To assist him, Law whistled in his partner, Order. The German shepherd was pleased to meet Beach Head, who didn't return the feeling, demanding to know why he was brought along. Law explained they were a tag-team; Order found the bombs while Law disposed of them. With a wink, he added that they attempted reversing roles with little success.

Order's search eventually led him into a house, and found the bomb under an orange blanket w
ith 89 seconds until detonation. Upon return, Beach Head quickly grabbed the bomb from his mouth and threw it across the village, only for Order to give chase and catch it in mid-air. As the timer reached 9 seconds, Order was not so willing to hand the bomb over to Beach-Head again. With seconds to spare, Law calmly asked Order to give it to him, slowly withdrew the bomb from his jaws, patted the dog, and threw it into the air where it exploded harmlessly.

Law defended Order's misbehavior, claiming he thought they were playing, and how he's usually more obedient. Beach Head muttered his desire for both to catch fleas. G.I. Joe: The Movie


Generation 1
Law Order 1987 A Real American Hero (1987)

Law & Order were first released as part of the 1987 series of ARAH toys. They were also available in 1988 and was discontinued in 1989.

Appearance: brown hair; orange short-sleeved shirt with "MP" on left arm; open light blue vest with black holster; olive green pants with black belt and boots

Accessories: white helmet with flared brim and "M.P." on front; black "Low-Light" Uzi; black T-shaped baton; black spiked leash; brown and black German shepherd named Order. page/Filecard

Law 1991 Sonic Fighters (1991)

Law was released in 1991 (without his German shepherd Order) in the Sonic Fighters subset of the Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: brown hair; yellow-green short-sleeved shirt with "MP" on left arm; open green vest with brown holster; beige pants with brown belt and boots

Accessories: white "Law" helmet; large, tan Sonic pouch backpack; black "Lifeline" pistol; black "Maverick" laser pistol; black "Avalanche" laser rifle; black "'86 Roadblock" heavy machine gun and tripod. page/Filecard

Law 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

Law was available carded as Battle Corps figure #28 in 1993.

Appearance: gray helmet; gray shirt with blue armor on shoulders and arms; neon yellow diagonal straps; gray gloves; blue pants; black boots

Accessories: neon yellow "'91 Sci-Fi" laser rifle; neon yellow "'91 Grunt" machine gun; neon yellow "'92 Roadblock" knife; long, cylindrical, light blue spring-loaded missile launcher with arm brace and removable neon yellow shield; two neon yellow missiles with squared-off fins; neon yellow figure stand. page/Filecard



  • It was common practice at Hasbro among the toy makers to sculpt action figures to look like real life individuals - including employees of Hasbro. Law was sculpted to resemble Kirk Bozigian - a Hasbro executive who was one of the driving forces behind G.I. Joe's return in 1982 as The Real American Hero.
  • The 1993 version of Law would have been part of the Drug Elimination Force subseries if it hadn't been cancelled. Strangely enough, Law saw release in Australia (of all places) that same year as figure #1 of the DEF's second wave.
  • Law's 1991 filecard was written in-house at Hasbro, then sent to Larry Hama for editing. The original reads:
Law's been pounding a beast as head of security of G.I. joe for a mighty long time. He's stubborn, mule-headed and won't give up a fight, no matter how outnumbered or outgunned he might be. So when the Sonic Fighters Division was looking for someone to protect the most expensive and highly classified equipment in the entire G.I. Joe arsenal, Law was the first man on the roster. A trained martial arts expert, Law is also Airborne qualified.

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