M.A.R.S. Industries was Military Armaments Research Syndicate, a corporation owned by James McCullen, who would later become Destro, the Cobra weapons dealer.


M.A.R.S Industries is the result of 20 generations of McCullen clan family investments, who kept selling weapons to both sides of each conflict through history in order to run the wars, and is owned by its youngest member. The Military Armaments Research Syndicate and this company were created to be the world's leading private developer of weapons technology. It is a government contracted company which works in conjunction with the government and has many other contracts with countries and global peacekeeping organizations throughout the world including the UN, NATO and (as is later discovered) Cobra. This company falls under Cobra's banner and also designs, builds, and funds the operations of Cobra, hoping to complete McCullen's plan to rule the world. Well-guarded research labs in various nations all over the world allow them to bypass regulations and governmental oversight. In this manner, M.A.R.S. broke technological barriers of most leading developers.

The 21st century MARS Industries comes with two sides: the Sword, which creates weaponry like McCullen's nanomite warheads, and the Shield, which creates defensive technology such as the Presidential bunker, which protects him from even nuclear blasts and nanomite warheads.

M.A.R.S. was originally founded in 1752 by James McCullen Destro I as a Naval Gun Foundry

Known Employees

Known Organizations


Over the years M.A.R.S. product line has moved beyond machine guns and tanks and now includes nano-scale technology, directed energy weapons, and force barrier defenses. This is a listing of weapons products which include:

  • AGP (Anti-Gravity Pods)
  • Cloaking Technology
  • M.A.S.S. Device
  • Parasite Matrix
  • Molecular Reducer/Enlarger
  • Pulse pistols
  • 4 Nanomite Warheads
  • Pulse cannons
  • Mobile Weapons (Weapons put on vehicles E.X.: M.A.R.S. Weaponized Hummer)
  • Suborbital Tractor Beam
  • Weather Dominator
  • Wrist Rockets (a weapon which Destro personally equips himself with.)



  • Mole Pod
  • Bulldozer SUV
  • Mantis submarines
  • Cobra Gunship
  • Night Raven
  • M.A.R.S. Weaponized Hummer

Behind the scenes


James McCullen, CEO of M.A.R.S. Industries