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The name Mainframe refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Mainframe.

Mainframe is a G.I. Joe character from the IDW continuity.
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Comics continuity

On his first field mission, Mainframe was responsible for tapping into the computer networks of the Ichkerian Mafia. As his team made their escape, an RPG blew up their boat, leaving Mainframe severely injured: four ounces of shrapnel, a concussion, shattered knee and hip, and a collapsed lung. He spent eight weeks confined to a hospital bed, which is when he first uncovered evidence of Cobra. When no one would believe his conspiracy theories, Mainframe went AWOL to track them down himself. The Joes kept sending retrieval teams after him, but he kept evading them.[1]

When Mainframe and Snake-Eyes went to investigate the town of Springfield, he bluffed his way into the offices of the local power company, looking for evidence of a building drawing more power than was usual. The culprit seemed to be Lester's Drug Store, but as the two Joes headed there, a tornado siren sounded, and the streets were evacuated. Inside the drug store, Mainframe found a secret basement while Snakes stayed above. There was the sound of gunfire and an explosion, and Mainframe found he couldn't open the trapdoor any more.[2]


  • There have been no figures of this version of Mainframe. However, the cover to Origins #7 shows him in a uniform similar to his RAH appearance, just with the addition of a goatee.


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