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The Mamba is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The "Mamba" is a Cobra attack helicopter that has an unconventional design for an attack helicopter. It weighs 8.6 tons, has a maximum speed of 210 mph, and a maximum range of 450 miles.


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A Real American Hero (1987) page/Blueprint


There was only one version of the toy.


This gunship is actually less heavily armed than either the G.I.Joe attack helicopters or contemporary helicopters when it came out (the AH-64 Apache and the Mi-24 Hind), both when it comes to the main gun (doesn't have multi-barreled guns or chain-guns of 20+ mm or larger) and the missile complement (with the Apache having 16 anti-tank missiles or 8 anti-tank missiles plus either 4 AAMs, two rocket pods, or two gun pods on the outer pylons)


  • G.I. Joe: Field Manual Vol 2

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