Fred VII arrives on Cobra Island as Cobra Commander. The Baroness confirms him as the real Cobra Commander, even though she knows he is really Fred VII. Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and the Blind Master begin their journey to find and rescue Stalker.

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In the Gulf of Mexico, Cobra Mambas attack Captain Minh's boat that approaches Cobra Island. Fred VII puts on his Cobra Commander armor and uncovers the Pogo to leave Minh and the boat to be blown up by the Mambas. Fred shoots a Mamba down, lets another to be taken down by a nearby A.S.P., and lands on Cobra Island, claiming to be Cobra Commander.

Later, in Utah, Crankcase brings Fast Draw, Chuckles, Psyche-Out, Falcon, Back-Stop, Law and Order to The Pit, which Leatherneck criticizes as they don't have clearance, and tells the other Joes to keep their mouths shut around the new arrivals.

Back on Cobra Island, Fred claims to have given enough answers to prove that he is Cobra Commander, but Serpentor is unconvinced. The Dreadnoks eagerly suggest for "Cobra Commander" and Serpentor to fight for Leadership, and the Cobra troopers agree, which amuses Zartan. Then, the Baroness and Dr. Mindbender arrive from the Cobra Consulate (after the events of Special Missions #7) and Zartan reminds everyone that the Baroness knows what Cobra Commander's face looks like.

In Utah, Chuckles awakens Psyche-Out to check out that there isn't anything shady around. They find track prints that suddenly just stop, as if whatever made them just flew away.

At Marselles, France, some French gangsters see the Blind Master, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes and notice that Snake-Eyes has a rubber mask, the Blind Master is too adept to be blind and Scarlett has been practising with throwing knifes. The gangsters think they are diamond smugglers and have their associates Michel and Henri pursue their cab to get the alleged diamonds. The Blind Master jumps from the cab to the pursuers' car and throws a grenade inside. The pursuers crash their car and try to shoot the Blind Master, but the grenade explodes and kills the pursuers. Scarlett reminds to Snake-Eyes that the Blind Master engineered their "death" in Grenada so they could be written off the G.I. Joe roster to rescue Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick from Borovia without implicating the team.

On Cobra Island, "Cobra Commander" is locked into a helicopter with the Baroness in order to reveal his face without revealing his identity to anyone else. Fred shows his true face to the Baroness and explains that the real Cobra Commander gave everything up to devote his life to Billy, so Fred decided to fill the vacuum. He thinks this is the end of his facade, but the Baroness puts the helmet back on Fred's head and declares herself his silent partner, then she opens the helicopter door and declares the true Cobra Commander is back.

In Utah, Chuckles and Psyche-Out return to the barracks and find al the lights on. They enter to find several Joes drinking Yo-Jo Cola, all grimy and sweaty, like they have been digging a mine shaft.


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  • Marseilles, France

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What's the matter, Serpy? Never been flim-flammed before?


Other notes


  • Payload is shown to be black, while both of his toys are white.
  • The Blind Master offers to give the French gangsters a quick English lesson, including the word "grenade"; "grenade" is a French word.
  • A footnote says Fred's story is an outright lie, but it's not: he's merely omitting a few key details; everything he does say is true.

Items of note

  • In the letters page, Robin Knothe, of Nashville, TN, expresses her confusion over why the comic versions of Duke and Hawk look so much alike. You're not alone, Robin.
  • The "Bullpen Bulletins" page of this issue gives a Q&A profile on Larry Hama.

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