Trade Paperback, May 2005

Number of pages: 128

Collects GI Joe Master and Apprentice (2004) #1-4.

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa, Artwork: Stefano Caselli & Sunder Raj, Lettering: Dreamer Design, Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Military Consultation: Andrew Swenson, Additional Bio Entries: Sam Wells


See individual issues for summaries.

Extras Include:

Cover Gallery (5 pages) Arashikage Clan History (5 pages) Bios of Budo, T'Jbang, Nunchuk, Ophelia, Overlord (Mikhail Derenko), Wade Collins (6 Pages total) Preview of Master & Apprentice II (14 pages) Sketches from M&A II (3 pages) Creator Bios (2 pages)

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