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Ophelia is just finishing her two years of ninja training with Nunchuk, T'Jbang, and Snake-Eyes, the Silent Master. Ophelia is the last ninja to be trained by the Arashikage Clan. She has passed all the tests but the final one, which is left up to fate.

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes are engaged and nearly a year from there wedding date.

Elsewhere, Sean Collins and his dad, Wade Collins, are having a conversation about their military service. They talk about the letter Sean wrote to Snake-Eyes. And how much Wade has been helped by Snake-Eyes. Wade, now considerably beat down by the recent death of his wife, is getting the news that Sean is joining an elite unit of the military and being sent on a mission, all classified stuff.

A year passes.

Scarlett is having doubts about the wedding. Stalker reassures her that Snake-Eyes will marry her. Snake-Eyes has continued to train Opheila even though her final test hasn't happened yet.

Hammer team is assembled with Conrad Hauser (Duke) and Special Agent Provost (Chuckles) leading this non-GI Joe team. Their mission is to capture Firefly. Chuckles has set up an arms deal at a facility in Ohio with Firefly. And now Firefly will be walking into a trap set by Hammer team.

Snake-Eyes and Opheila have this information about Firefly's appearance in Ohio, which is through an independent source of the Hammer team. This mission is to be Opheila's final test; if she passes she becomes a ninja, and full member of the Arashikage Clan.

As soon as Firefly detects the trap he starts blowing up cars and buildings. He kills all of the Hammer team except Sean Collins. Snake-Eyes and Opheila enter into the middle of the fight, Duke and Chuckles recognize them. As Firefly is about make his escape, Opheila attacks him; Firefly gets the upper hand in the fight and shoots Opheila. Snake-Eyes can not save her, and Firefly escapes.

Snake-Eyes misses the wedding, Scarlett breaks up with him, Opheila is buried, and Sean Collins joins Snake-Eyes out in the High Sierras retreat. He is to become Kamakura, the last ninja to be trained by the Arashikage Clan.

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Items of note

  • This issue is reprinted in Master & Apprentice trade paperback.
  • This series takes place between the disbanding in 1995 and the return in 2001 of the GI Joe team Wade Collins was in Vietnam with Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. He was left behind as dead, ended up a POW for years. After returning to the US, he joined Cobra where he became a Crimson Guardsman, Fred unit. Snake-Eyes and Stalker helped him defect from Cobra to live a life in peace.
  • The letters Snake-Eyes and Sean Collins exchanged happened in the last issue of the Marvel run #155.
  • Andrew Swenson is credited as military consultant.


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