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Sean Collins is being trained to become the last Arashikage ninja Clan member. Nunchuk is teaching him the forms and weapons of the Clan, T'JBang is guiding him on the mental and spiritual, and The Silent Master, Snake-Eyes, is continuously testing him.

About a year passes; Kamakura is now ready for his final trail. That mission will be to take out Firefly. Jinx, Budo, Snake-Eyes and Kamakura are in Tokyo. Jinx has gathered information on a mysteries figure called the Nowhere Man, and has learned of a meeting between the Nowhere Man and Firefly. The group makes a plan to attack Firefly at this meeting.

Kamakura is looking for revenge for the loss of his Hammer team to Firefly. Snake-Eyes is looking for revenge for the death of Opheila.

At the meeting, none other then Storm Shadow shows up instead of the Nowhere Man. Storm Shadow is Snake-Eyes' long time friend and rival. Upon seeing Storm Shadow Snake-Eyes immediately jumps in to action. Kamakura quickly follows as Jinx and Budo remain in sniper positions as support.

After Snake-Eyes initial attack, Kamakura enters the fight and is cut by Storm Shadow. Snake-Eyes moves to help Kamakura. This gives Storm Shadow the opportunity to finally end the conflict between the two sword brothers.

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Items of note

  • First Appearances:
  • Andrew Swenson is credited as military consultant.
  • This series takes place between the disbanding in 1995 and the return in 2001 of the GI Joe team.


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