This is the first issue of the Master & Apprentice 2 comic book series.

Plot Summary

"The first Master & Apprentice series was a sellout, and the follow up promises to be bigger, better, and more explosive! Tommy Arashikage has led a life twisted by tragedy and consumed by darkness. For too long, the man called Storm Shadow has been a puppet of Cobra and its manipulative leader. But he has retained his honor, and now, he is determined to shatter the bonds that hold him to the terrorist group. For months, in secret, Storm Shadow has been training an Apprentice, someone who will, like Snake-Eyes' Kamakura, carry on the Arashikage teachings, an ally who will help him take the fight to Cobra. But there is more to this female apprentice than meets the eye, and the sins of both their pasts may be too much to overcome."


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