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As Storm Shadow is about to strike down Snake-Eyes, who is holding an injured Kamakura, Jinx saves them with a well placed sniper shot to Storm Shadow's sword. Snake-Eyes then goes on the offensive and the fight spills out into the hallway. Jinx and Budo move into extract Kamakura. Firefly, who was there to meet Storm Shadow, moves in to kill Kamakura, and a stand off between him and the team of Jinx and Budo, takes place. Firefly calls for extraction.

The Nowhere Man has sent Firefly to meet with Storm Shadow.

The fight between Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes has moved to the roof where Firefly's military extraction helicopter is coming in from. The helicopter has orders from Firefly to shot Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. Snake-Eyes dives and covers Storm Shadow to save him from the bullets. Snake-Eyes throws his sword into the helicopters window. As he is doing this Storm Shadow stabs him in the back with a small knife. Storm Shadow is about to cut Snake-Eyes throat when the helicopter runs into a sign that falls on the both of them.

Firefly is waiting for extraction and holding Kamakura as protection. Kamakura frees himself, and Firefly jumps to the waiting helicopter, which then proceeds to shoot Jinx and Budo.

Storm Shadow recovers quickly from the sign falling, and is then shot by a tranquilizer dart from Firefly. The meeting was a set up to capture Storm Shadow. He is then taken up into the helicopter. As Snake-Eyes is being brought up to the helicopter, two mysterious figures come out of nowhere to save him.

Firefly receives orders from Nowhere Man to leave with Storm Shadow.

The next day the two mysterious people are revealed to be Chuckles and Duke. And that Storm Shadow was working with Duke to bring down the Nowhere Man. The Nowhere Man is Kamakura's old Hammer team leader Mikhail Derenko. Kamakura doesn't believe it because he was supposed to have died three years earlier at the same time as Opheila died.

Duke and Snake-Eyes have a private meeting. Where Duke shows some video of Scarlett and threatens Snake-Eyes with bring her in to help him out with the Nowhere Man, if he doesn't go along. Of course, Snake-Eyes is in.

Kamakura and Budo have a moment where Kamakura is put in check about his sloppiness and how the need for revenge is causing it. Kamakura calls his father, Wade, to help clear his head. As Wade Collins hangs up his phone Mikhail Derenko and Firefly, with the tranquillized Storm Shadow, welcome him back to the Crimson Guard.

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  • Andrew Swenson is credited as military consultant.


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