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Michael Anke is a renegade Cobra character from the Action Force weekly series.
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Michael Anke was a former Hollywood stuntman and friend of Quick Kick who became the head of the Two-Headed Serpent, a splinter group from Cobra.


Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Michael Anke worked as a stuntman in Hollywood alongside Lee Ho Ito, the future Quick Kick. In later years he married but then found fanaticism and disappeared.[1] He became the head of "The Two-Headed Serpent",[2] a splinter group from Cobra dedicated to overthrowing the US government by trying to recruit communist fanatics and training them for suicide missions.[3] His wife hired a private investigator who tracked him to an abandoned monastery in the Himalayas.

Then the investigator turned up dead so she turned to Quick Kick who stole a Snow Cat vehicle and headed to the Himalayas himself.[4] There at the monastery he found Anke who ordered him dead.[5] The mainstream Cobra attacked[6] and destroyed the splinter group. Anke tried to escape in a F.A.N.G. but Quick Kick confronted him on the roof of the monastery. The two old friends fought until Anke leapt at Quick Kick who raised his feet to deflect him. Anke went over the edge, falling to his death.[7]

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