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Mike Power is a character from the Adventure Team series.
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Mike Power was born with disabled limbs. He refused to accept them and spent his life developing atomic parts for his body. His atomic leg allowed him to run 200 miles per hour, his atomic arm could lift 10,000 pounds and his atomic eye could see through six feet of solid steel. He decided to join the Adventure Team and demonstrated his abilities, convincing G.I. Joe he had what was needed.[1] Later he and G.I. Joe encountered and recruited Bulletman to the team.[2]

G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

In 1978, Atomic Man was part of a three-man team (with Joe Colton and Chok-Pa) on a mission in the Himalayas, where they foiled the plans of General Mihai. Fleeing Mihai's forces, Power shielded his teammates from the firepower of the general's jet fighters with his invulnerable limbs, but was unprepared for both sides to come under attack from the forces of Cobra-La. Power's atomic punch briefly staggered the Decepticon Bludgeon, but the Atomic Man was soon felled by the Pretender's sword in front of his horrified friends.[3]


Mike Power is pulled out of retirement in the G.I. Joe vs. The Six Million Dollar Man crossover



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