Mike Vosburg is an American comic book and storyboard artist. He is best known for the artwork for the comic book scenes in the Tales from the Crypt TV series.

Early works

Vosburg's comics career began in the 1960s, when as a teenager he started Masquerader, one of the first comic book fanzines. He began working in underground comics in the 1970s, with creations such as Split Screen, written by Tom Veitch. Later in the 1970s and 1980s, Vosburg contributed to horror titles by Western Publishing and Charlton Comics. His story "Mail Order Brides," published in Kitchen Sink Press's Bizarre Sex #3, was in a similar horror/mystery vein.

He also did many work DC Comics, Marvel and Valiant Comics. He also served as storyboard artist and storyboard director for animated series such as Bionic Six, Jem and Spawn.

Work in G.I. Joe

Mike started penciling for Marvel Comics' G.I. Joe series with most of the artwork run from issue #9 until issue #23. Comics weren't the only medium he worked on G.I. Joe. He served as storyboard artist/director for the G.I. Joe animated series.[1]

Current work

Mike still does some comic book work but he is more heavily involved in movies and television doing storyboarding. One of the more recent exposure of his art is in the Numb3rs episode "Graphic" which focuses on a case involving comic books.[2]

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