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Mistress Armada is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Comics continuity - Devil's Due

Mistress Armada first appears disguised as "Candy", One of Cobra Commander's women, who begins to help him "relax." She then knees him in the groin and kicks him in the head. Destro enters the room and congratulates "Lilian" on her fine work. [1]

She later tells Destro about an emergency, but he reassures it's under control and she only needs to rally the troops for briefing. Tomax and Xamot wonder how the flirting between Destro and Mistress Armada sits with the Baroness. The next evening Baroness and Destro are having a fight. She yells that his arrogance is going to ruin everything. She tells him that he only needs Mistress Armada because "Destro is a master strategist on the battlefield" but he is not. When the G.I. Joe team begins infiltration of the Dreadnok compound, Destro sends Armada in to stop the Joe team. After Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are taken captive by Zandar and Road Pig, Destro and Armada escape with them as hostages. [2]

In Destro's dungeon, Mistress Armada teases the imprisoned Scarlett and Snake-Eyes, revealing the truth about the Destro who she has been helping being actually Alexander, the son of the real Destro. When the prisoners escape, Mistress Armada lead some Iron Grenadiers against them, but Snake-Eyes and Scarlett defeat them. [3]

Cobra defeats G.I. Joe, but the Joes get the upper hand shorlty after they learn "Destro"'s satellital net has been tracked and the nano-mites are now curing their own victims. Alexander and Mistress Armada escape in a helicopter, but inside they find the Baroness aiming them. Two weeks later, Alexander and Mistress Armada are seen in a cell, imprisoned by a recovered Destro, who asks for an explanation. [4]


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