|BriefSynopsis=Cobra's new device can remotely destroy paper currency, and they use it to destabilize the US economy!

|Synopsis1=Cobra perfects a transmitter that can destroy all forms of paper cash, leading to rioting, looting and social unrest. Cobra Commander then sends a message that all citizens must trade in their valuables at a location of Extensive Enterprises to obtain Cobra Currency: golden coins with a diagram of his head on it.


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  • When Lady Jaye removes her disguise, she is wearing her standard uniform. She accosts the twins in their business attire before escaping. When next shown, the twins are in their battle suits, chasing Jaye, who is now in her polar gear.
  • Before escaping in his Trubble Bubble, Cobra Commander is missing one of the diamond-shaped pins in his collar.

|Errors1=*Cobra assumes that the US economy will crumble because there will be no paper money, but there are numerous gold and silver reserves. Additionally, the Federal Reserve could produce coins to combat Cobra's scheme.

  • Cobra also makes a HUGE assumption that their gold coins will suddenly be accepted by the government, merchants, etc. as legal currency.
  • Firefly creates a tidal wave of water, snow and ice of biblical proportions with a small hand-held flamethrower.
  • In the closing card game, Ace asks Ripcord how he got past the "polar trooper" at the temple. Ripcord took out a standard Cobra Trooper, not a Snow Serpent, one of Cobra's polar troopers.



  • The Crimson Twins obtain a "Blinks" armored car. This of course is a reference to Brinks, a famed armored car & home security company.



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