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The Moray is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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Cobra's Moray high speed interceptor craft (HSIC) is a torpedo/missile boat intended for amphibious operations, littoral combat, and high-speed pursuit. Armed with missiles, torpedoes, autocannons, and machine guns (MGs), the Moray is more than capable of hurting anything in its path.


With a carbon-fiber reinforced, laminated V-bottomed hull, the Moray displaces 1.8 tons on the water's surface and weighs 3.75 tons on its T-shaped fully submerged (FS) hydrofoils. The boat's inboard motor is a high-flow 775 hp Destro V12 gasoline engine that allows it to reach a top speed of 48 knots (on surface) and 115 knots foilborne and an operational range of 425 nmi when fully loaded and manned by 6 crewmen (pilot + copilot + 4 gunners).

The Moray's special equipment includes: sonar tracking scanners, depth gauges, a ham radio with scrambler, and a copilot-operated remote halogen spotlight.


The Moray is armed to the teeth. Among its main armaments are the remote-targeting, pilot-operated 19mm MG immediately forward of the pilothouse and the rapid-fire 23mm synchronized twin-barrel cannon mounted on a ring-turret atop the pilothouse. Fixed onto sponsons port and starboard of the pilothouse are 2 forward-firing, shore-assault 55mm Gatling cannons. On the aftdeck stand 4 pintle-mounted, lateral M-30 MGs, 2 on either side, which can swivel 360°.

In terms of ordnance, the Moray's sponsons are mounted underneath with 2 surface-swimming “Black-Ray” acoustic torpedoes with 225 lb. warheads and a range of 6,400 yd. On both sides of the pilothouse exterior sit an HE-07A low-flight AGM. The foredeck has a forward hatch that conceals a retractable 4-bay missile launcher loaded with HE-J-180 “Jumpstart” air-to-sea missiles; the launcher has a cooling duct running to the bow and a blast deflector shield directly abaft. Finally, the fantail contains 2 binnacles loaded with floating magnetic depth charges (each in a 9-in 75-lb canister) which feed into a stern launcher.


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The Moray from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

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  • G.I. Joe: Field Manual Vol 1

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