This article is about the character from Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles - for the character from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, see Mouse (Movie).

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Mouse is the code name used by Morris L. Sanderson. Not much is known of his life before Sgt. Savage took command of Sanderson and five other highly-trained, undisciplined sergeants, to form the Screaming Eagles. Sanderson is the team's hacker.



A Real American Hero continuity

Hasbro Comics continuity

Sanderson, along with the other Screaming Eagles, defends a nuclear facility from the I.R.O.N. Army, drawing the enemy into a trap by hiding under the dirt of their bunker before attacking and driving back General Blitz's forces. Sgt. Savage vs. Gen. Blitz

While on maneuvers in the Arctic, the Screaming Eagles were ambushed by a platoon of Arctic Stormtroopers. Despite heavy artillery bombardment the team managed to escape, racking up a few scrapped Stormtroopers on the way. [1]

Devil's Due Comics continuity

During the conflict now known as World War III, Sanderson was stationed in Uganda in the equatorial region of eastern Africa.

Animated continuity

Direct-to-video series

Soon after Savage took charge, Sanderson was able to access the memory of an I.R.O.N. Army stormtrooper to get details on the International Orbital Space Platform. That information linked the platform to the I.R.O.N. Army and gave Savage the justification needed to stop the launch, preventing NASA from unwittingly deploying a cyber doomsday device.Old Soldiers Never Die


There were no toys of Mouse released as part of the Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles toyline.


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