Nanomite Warheads

Nanomites, nano-mites or nanites are extremely microscopic robot forms usually measuring in the incredible scale of nanometers. They have been used by both Joe and Cobra forces in their never-ending battle to stop each other. Military use is not the only way to utilize these amazing machines as there are also more beneficial applications such as in the field of medicine and construction.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

The son of Destro, Alexander McCullen, used nanomites to infect his father and render him immobile and hidden away, thus, allowing Alexander to masquerade as him. Upon staging a coup on Cobra, he used the same nanomites to put Cobra Commander in a hallucinatory and docile state. He then had the nanomites tweaked with a more destructive capability in a bid to take over Washington D.C.. It took every resource the Joes could muster to find a way to stop him and his mad plan.[1][2][3][4]

Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

Small in size but powerful enough to bring down even the Eiffel Tower.

The Nanomites were a project of MARS Industries. Officially sold to the world's militaries as the perfect eating weapon that could devour a tank or even an entire city. The only way to stop the nanomites was to use a special coded kill switch device. James McCullen sold four nanomite warheads to the U.S. military, which were intercepted by Cobra. Using the technology at DeCobray Industries, they weaponized the warheads and used one on the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Duke was able to stop the spread, but only caused the Tower to fall on a nearby bridge, presumably killing many people. Cobra then made a move to attack three other cities: Washington, Moscow and Beijing. Snake-Eyes shot down the missile targeting Beijing as it was taking off and Ripcord, flying a Night Raven jet, intercepted the other two missiles, which were headed towards Washington and Moscow.[5]

The nanomites had also proven to have other uses, as proven by the Doctor, who used them to create nanomite-enhanced Neo-Vipers, making them completely obedient, fearless, and able to feel no pain. The nanomites could also expunge any toxins from the body. The Doctor stated that they were "perfect little healers" and it is implied that they can heal almost any injury. The Doctor had also used nanomites on his sister, Ana Lewis, brainwashing her into becoming Baroness, but she was able to overcome her programming through incredible willpower, which the Doctor had thought was impossible. Nanomites were also used to alter Zartan's appearance into that of the President. Also they were used to form Destro's metal face.[6]


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