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Nigel James is a character that appears in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He is portrayed by Walton Goggins.


James was the warden of the Einsargen Subterranean Prison, a secret maximum-security underground prison in Germany. When Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander were caught and arrested to the prison, James told the Commander several facts about the prison before putting him in a container. The prison was exposed to Zartan when torturing President of United States.

Storm Shadow and Firefly broke into the prison to liberate Cobra Commander. Cobra Commander took advantage of a technical fail of his container by pulling down a technician and knocking him into the glass, trying to break it. James was informed by several guards about what happened with the container came up at the scene. He mandates them to shoot Cobra Commander, who, however, was able to kill them. James took a defilibrator and put it on the water, electrocuting the Commander and escaping through a door, mandating several guards to shoot anything that comes out of it. Several bombs go through the door and explode, killing the guards and leaving James severely injured. He was able to shoot the coolant tanks to severely hurt Storm Shadow, but ends getting shot and killed by Cobra Commander.