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Night-Vipers are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero series.
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Night-Vipers are trained to operate in complete darkness. They live in windowless barracks with no interior lights and they are in constant training in stealth and darkness. As part of their regimen and discipline, they sneak up on each other often and they almost never see the light of day. Their equipment is no less impressive. Their helmet uses the latest technology in image intensifiers, anything from infrared detection to night vision to directional sound amplifiers. Their suits reduce their infrared signature and also render them invisible to most ground radar. All these give him a "see first, eliminate first" advantage over their enemies. However, all this come with a price to a Night-Viper. Their eyes have become so accustomed to the dark that it takes no more than flashing a bright light in their faces to burn out their sensors. Of course, in order to do that you have to find them first.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Night-Vipers first appear in the "Snake-Eyes Trilogy" storyline. The Baroness uses them as her personal shock troopers in her plot to get revenge on the G.I. Joe team member Snake-Eyes.[1] [2] Night-Vipers later participate in the Cobra invasion of Benzheen and infiltration of Destro's "Silent Castle" in the Transcarpathian Mountains.

Devil's Due Comics continuity
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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

A team of Night-Vipers were led by the Baroness to the Latin American country of Sao Cristobel where Destro had sold a nuclear warhead to one side in a civil war but the carrying helicopter had been shot down. The team secured the warhead but a G.I. Joe team started the timer by remote control, forcing the Cobras to abandon the warhead. The Joes later deactivated the timer.[3]

Animated continuity

DiC animated series

Night-Vipers, although appearing longer in DiC's five-part Operation: Dragonfire than some other of its debut characters, nonetheless remain silent throughout the whole episode. In contrast to their filecard depiction, they were often deployed in broad daylight.


Generation 1
Night-Viper 1989 A Real American Hero (1989)

Night-Vipers were originally sold in 1989 as part of A Real American Hero's series of single-carded figures.

Appearance: black helmet; dark green shirt with light green emblem on chest; black straps, knife, and gloves; dark green and black pants and boots; pegs on right leg to hold rifle

Accessories: dark green visor with detachable scope; small, black tech backpack with antenna and engraved knife hilt on top; black rifle with scope and sling but no grip, and two holes for pegs in leg. page/Filecard

Operation: Flaming M.O.T.H. (2006)
A special package available only to members of the Official G.I. Joe Collector's Club, Operation Flaming M.O.T.H.: Jungle Theater set included a re-colored Night-Viper and Frag-Viper.


  • Night-Vipers appear as regular enemies in the NES Taxan G.I. Joe game only on section 2-2.
  • The torso, waist and leg molds of the 1989 Night-Viper action figure were used, along with the head of Snow Serpent (1985) and the arms of Techno-Viper (1987), to make the Heli-Viper action figure (1992). Night-Viper's rifle was also included with the Heli-Viper.

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