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Night Vultures are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero series.
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It does not take much to beef up the ranks of the Night Vultures. In fact, it's almost like an exercise in economy. Cobra simply takes troopers who had experience with glider flying and push them out over shark-infested waters at least five miles from Cobra Island. Whoever actually makes it back gets his Night Vulture uniform and considered to be skillful enough to be covert and efficient.


Generation 1
Night Vulture A Real American Hero (1991)

The Night Vulture has had only one action figure in ever released. It came out as part of A Real American Hero's 1991 lineup, specifically the Air Commandos line.

Appearance: black face mask with purple goggles; purple shirt with orange half-vest and black gloves; purple pants with orange belt and holster; black boots

Accessories: small, purple machine gun/crossbow with magazine on side; black hang glider.

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  • Working name: Owlhoot.

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