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Ninja-Ku is specially trained to sneak among the shadows and, with the speed and ferocity of a tiger, enter the most unsuspected places by surprise.

Owner of a super privileged body and a computer-helped training, he is a deadly enemy with his knife and nunchaku due to his speed and scary cruelty.


Generation 1
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Ninja-Ku is a Storm Shadow redeco that was available carded in Argentina by the Plastirama toy company. The release date is hard to pin down - some reports have it around 1984, others have it around 1985.

Appearance: black face mask, long-sleeved tunic, diagonal strap, gloves, pants, and boots; gold strap buckle and wrist wraps; gold Cobra insignia on left chest

Accessories: brown nunchuk; two brown swords page/filecard

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  • Ninja-Ku has brown skin, but it's unknown if it was intentional or due to the dark plastic.
  • Ninja-Ku was homaged in the 25th anniversary line by the "Ninja-Ku Leader Storm Shadow" figure. However, this figure isn't Ninja-Ku but instead a new version of Storm Shadow, and has short sleeves instead of Ninja-Ku's full sleeves. The "Crimson Reign" convention comic implies that there's a whole Ninja-Ku clan, leaving open the possible existence of the original Ninja-Ku.

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