The Baroness prepares to have Snake-Eyes tortured for what he did in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Scarlett's life hangs in the balance.

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In the sub-basement of the Cobra consulate in New York, Baroness is making a lengthy speech about the amount of pain she is going to inflict on Snakes-Eyes in revenge for the death of her brother. She is interrupted by the news that Destro is arriving on an unscheduled visit and hurries to the roof to greet him. He asks her about the amount of G.I. Joe activity in the area.

Scarlett is being airlifted over the Atlantic. Doc and Lifeline inform Hawk that she still has brain activity - the bullet hit her skull at an angle and was deflected - but her condition is as bad as it can get. Back in Switzerland, Dr. Hundtkinder is confronted by Chuckles and Roadblock over his contact with the Baroness.

Baroness' torturers, the Paine brothers, are watching over Snake-Eyes. When he stops breathing and his heart stops beating, Crispo and Torquemada worry he is dead, only for him to manage to use a well-aimed kick to get hold of a knife and then free himself from his chains, quickly overpowering the brothers and assembling a new ninja costume from parts of their outfits.

Destro berates Baroness for allowing the capture of Zarana and the Dreadnoks, which Baroness attempts to answer while a Tele-Viper shows her security camera footage of Snake-Eyes escaping and she gives whispered orders to recapture him. She manages to convince Destro that Zarana and the others were captured to stop the Joes getting suspicious of being allowed to rescue Clutch and Rock & Roll. Destro accepts the explanation but asks how she intends to retrieve them from Joe custody.

A group of Night-Vipers are easily overcome by Snake-Eyes' rampage. In the lobby, the Tele-Viper is giving orders, dismissing a visiting Crimson Guardsman who walks out of the consulate unnoticed. The Vipers find Snake-Eyes has got hold of a bag full of explosives and beat a hasty retreat. On the roof, Destro leaves after giving Baroness one week to get Zarana back. Once he's gone, Baroness retracts her previous order to merely capture Snake-Eyes, ordering him killed.

Across the road, the Crimson Guardsman - in reality Wade Collins - consults with Stalker and Storm Shadow. Then the consulate explodes. They rush inside to find a Techno-Viper babbling about Snake-Eyes blowing out elevators and starting fires, then get carried outside with the rush of panicking civilian workers. They realise Snake-Eyes has sealed off the upper part of the consulate.

Baroness tries to order an evacuation helicopter, intending to leave Snake-Eyes behind to burn, while also continuing to play innocent as Destro calls asking what's going on. She then hears that Snake-Eyes is six levels below them and getting closer all the time.

In the front range of the Rockies, Raptor has led Billy to where they buried Cobra Commander's body. Tyrone arrives with what appears to be the Blind Master, who tries to dissuade Billy from seeking revenge. Billy says his revenge will benefit the world, since it will be on the present Cobra Commander.


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  • On page 6, Hawk has his usual flattop buzz-cut in panel 2, but long, flowing blonde hair in panel 5.
  • On page 17, panels 1 and 2, word balloons are pointed at Storm Shadow that sound a lot more like things Stalker would say.

Items of note

  • Snake-Eyes gets his new "Super Commando" costume, pieced together from things the Paine Brothers were wearing.
  • The cigar-chomping man with the flattop at Sarge's newsstand asks for a copy of the Bugle - i.e., The Daily Bugle, Marvel Comics' famous newspaper. Since JJJ would get all the papers he wants for free, apparently he spends his free time wandering around the city checking to see whether stands are carrying him.[1]

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  1. Or maybe it's just a fun Easter egg for Marvel fans.
  2. The Death Mask Murder - Letter -

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