The Oktober Guard is the code name of an elite special missions force, the Eastern equivalent of the G.I. Joe Team.


A Real American Hero comics continuity[]

Marvel Comics continuity[]

RAH Oktoberguard01

The original members of the Oktober Guard. Clockwise from middle: Horrorshow, Schrage, Daina, Stormavik and Colonel Brekhov.

The Oktober Guard is a Soviet special operations unit. Usually thought to be the Soviet/Russian equivalent of G.I. Joe, they are in fact composed of members from several Warsaw Pact countries. Unlike the Joes, the team consists of just a small squad and most members do not sport fancy codenames.

The Oktober Guard often operates internationally, protecting and promoting Soviet and Warsaw Pact interests. Despite the fact their respective countries are rivals with the United States during the Cold War, the members of the Oktober Guard are never portrayed as evil, but as military professionals doing their job and serving their countries. Their missions often put them at odds with G.I. Joe, but when the situation arises they often find themselves temporarily allied with the Joes against a common foe.

The Soviets sent the Oktober Guard to retrieve one of their downed spy planes in the country of Afghanistan. The group soon finds out the Joe Team beat them to it. They intercepted the convoy before it reaches its extraction point. The Guard is outgunned and at a severe disadvantage compared to the Joes' RTV's ability to fire from higher ground. However, they refused to be intimidated and their leader, Colonel Brekhov, executes an incredible bold action that resulted in both teams down to fighting in hand-to-hand combat.[1] When Cobra swooped in and took the RTV and the spy plane, the Guard reluctantly enters into a temporary truce and team up with the Joes. Together, they headed to Iran where Cobra's stronghold is located. Brekhov's team infiltrate the stronghold from one side. They bypassed Cobra's booby traps by holding a Cobra Trooper hostage and lead them to the RTV's location. Then and there, the Guard attempted to take the RTV from the Joes. The Joes did not take kindly for having the tables turned so soon and were able to take the RTV. The Guard is left to their fates battling Cobra Troopers.[2]

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ARAH 50 Guard

The Invaders The Great Alaskan Land Rush

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After Cobra invaded and nuked the country of Nanzhao, Colonel Shtern put together a Russian team composed of the best and deadliest recruits he could find.


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